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The first license free race timing and scoring cloud software. Now and forever.

Connect your timing devices to RUFUS Cloud, and time your races live from anywhere in the world.

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Built with some of the latest technologies. RUFUS Desktop combines a set of powerful tools with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

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RUFUS Desktop interfaces to all major chip timing systems. No check points or passings limits.

...And more coming fast!

Live data acquisition from major RFID timing systems.

Paper output customizable in wysiwyg mode.

Top of the class grids for quick and easy access to data.

No external database engine.

Fully customizable prize givings.

Advanced import features with any standard formats.

Compatible with RUFUS Timing App and RUFUS Cloud.

Multi-race events. Splits and segments.
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Extend your timing capabilities with the RUFUS Timing App for Android mobiles. Time manually or automatically using compatible Zebra RFID sleds RFD8500 and RFD2000.

Receive the information seamlessly in the finish line directly using RUFUS Desktop live data acquisition integration.

Ideal for clubs, small races, finish line backup and intermediate check points


A lightweight touchscreen result kiosk with an integrated ticket result printer. It works online and offline.


A lightweight touchscreen result kiosk. Everyone can use a RUFUS Kiosk, no matter the timing system. With an integrated ticket printer. It works online and offline.

Regardless your timing system
you can always use a RUFUS kiosk.